Adventure Playground

Earlier this week, I shared with our community the fantastic news about the planned Revitalisation Project in the Adventure Playground.  The equipment in our Adventure Playground has been a part of our School since its beginnings, with improvements and additions made a number of years ago. The need to revitalise the playground space and equipment was identified as part of Master Planning processes, and has included extensive planning, design and approval processes with external consultants and BCE Building Services.

‘Everything Outside’ have been contracted to complete the project and we look forward to welcoming Andrew Brenchley (Found and CEO) and his team to SOTS in the coming weeks. Andrew has worked extensively in playground design and construction within educational settings. He has completed a number of playground projects for schools within Brisbane Catholic Education.

Our Revitalisation Project has been specifically designed to for the Adventure Playground Area to be a feature for our School with an emphasis on outdoor learning and nature-based play that will transform the existing play area.

The playground design is positioned to ensure that we maximise the natural shade areas along the back fence line and maintain the green spaces. The green space between the current playground and SOTS Kindy will be maintained, with minimal landscaping expected.

The centre piece of the playground is an interactive Tree House Fort that has 16 different activities aimed to provide physical challenge and to foster imaginative play. The ‘ground level’ or under deck workstation has digging spaces, a ‘builder’s yard’, chalkboard and is surrounded by nature play. The nature play zone has scales, wobble boards, balance beams and scattered log seats. The ‘upper deck’ is shaded by an existing shade sail and can accommodate class groups for outdoor learning. It contains activity walls, telescopes, steering wheels and a slide.

A ‘parkour’ course is included in the design and aims to encourage physical play and movement, and to develop motor skills.

A multipurpose ‘pod’ is a beautiful feature and can be used for reading, gathering and quiet time.

It is planned that the artificial lawn, shade sails, spiders web climbing frame and monkey bars will be reused within the new playground infrastructure. The playground incorporates handcrafted Australian wood (treated and preserved to last for many years).

Construction is expected to commence mid Term 1, with the playground completed for use at the commencement of Term 2. During construction, we will not be able to access the Adventure Playground. However, we are planning to set up space at the Oval end with activities and equipment, particularly for our younger students.

I invite you to visit the display in the O’Dea Centre which contains images and drawings of the planned project and welcome your feedback.