Andrew Chinn Christmas Concert

As we move towards the end of the school year, there are a number of opportunities for our community to come together to share in events, farewells and celebrations. Our Christmas concert, led by religious singer/song writer, Andrew Chinn, on Monday evening, was one of these events. It was wonderful to see so many people coming together and having a great night with family and friends.

What better way to launch into our Well Being We​ek (and end of year Christmas celebrations) than with singing, dancing and laughter from all who gathered and enjoyed the concert. I extend thanks to Andrew for encouraging all our students to participate with confidence and to enjoy an opportunity to just have fun!

Thanks also to Miss Kylie Williamson for coordinating Andrew’s visit, to our staff for leading our students with such enthusiasm, and to our students, for the spirit in which you participated. At this busy time of year, your support as parents in enabling your children to participate was greatly appreciated and helped make the night a great success.​