Before School and Lunchtime Activities

Our teachers have been looking at different ways to enhance student well-being, school spirit and family involvement within our school. We have had so much success with our Friday Fun Run and  Coding Club that we have decided to introduce different before school and lunchtime activities each term to continue. We hope that many students and families will join us to make these fun activities a success too!

​Lunch Box Activities

Lunch Box Activities have been designed to offer students a variety of options to participate in during their lunchtime. The activities picked are of high-interest and offer a structured environment for students to develop friendships with other children who have similar interests. Friendships blossom between children who find a common interest, and who they may not otherwise have met. Bringing students together from all year levels also supports buddy friendships and social groups.

The Lunch Box programs are organised and supervised by staff who generously share their  expertise (and forego their lunch break) to make these activities a fun and valuable experience for students.

This term on a Monday, we will now offer Boardgames in the Year 4 classroom and STEM lab for  students to play. Students do not need to bring any games to school, as we have a variety of games that the children can use. It is offered to all students in Prep through to Year 6. 

Fit Friday Mornings:

Our before school ‘Fit Friday’ program will continue throughout the year. Each term we will have a different fitness focus. Families are invited to join in with us. We will provide more details of the Fit  Friday activities each term.

This Friday, 19 of July, is the first Family Fit Friday morning for Term 3. We will have skipping and ballgames. Everyone is welcome to join us for a morning of fun fitness! At 8:20am all students are invited to either the O’Dea centre for skipping or the Adventure grassed area for various ball games. During this time the oval will be closed.

Students are not required to bring their own skipping rope or balls as we have enough for everyone.  We are also looking for any parents who are willing to help turn the ropes and teach the ball games to our younger students. There will be 4 different skipping rotations: Long rope, Double Dutch, tricks/individual skipping. Students will be able to choose what activity they would like to go to.