Before School and Lunchtime Activities


Our teachers have been looking at different ways to enhance student well-being, school spirit and family involvement within our school. We have had so much success with our Friday Fun Run and will be introducing different before school and lunchtime activities each term including:

​Lunch Box Activities

Lunch Box Activities have been designed to offer students a variety of options to participate in during their lunchtime. The activities chosen are of high-interest and offer a structured environment for students to develop friendships with other children who have similar interests.

Friendships blossom between children who find a common interest, and who they may not otherwise have met. Bringing students together from all year levels also supports buddy friendships and social groups.

The Lunch Box programs are organised and supervised by staff who generously share their expertise (and forego their lunch break) to make these activities a fun and valuable experience for students.

Fit Friday Mornings:

Our before school ‘Fit Friday’ program will continue throughout the year. Each term we will have a different fitness focus. Families are invited to join in with us. We will provide more details of the Fit Friday activities each term.

Listed below are the Fit Friday and Lunch Box activities we have planned for this year  (these will be offered on different days each term):