Behaviour Expectations Matrix

​Towards the end of 2018, our staff participated in a review of our schools’ approach to behaviour learning. Star of the Sea School has followed the PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) approach for a number of years. We continue to shape and reshape how this ‘looks’ in our school so we can foster a positive environment that encourages effective and deep learning.

PB4L provides the framework to develop a positive, calm and welcoming atmosphere as our students are supported to:

  • ​understand expectations
  • develop a value for positive behaviour
  • commit to regulating their own behaviour
  • have a sense of belonging to our community
  • are intrinsically motivated to engage in deep learning

We recognise that learning social skills and socially acceptable behaviours is a developmental process, which everybody moves through at a different pace. Learning appropriate and respectful behaviours is seen in the same light as learning in any other area. Some students need more assistance in some areas and less in others.

Our staff have worked to develop a matrix of expectations that encourage students to be safe, respectful learners in all areas of school life.

This matrix encourages positive behaviour from all students through the development of a shared language to discuss behaviour expectations during day to day routines.

The matrix is developed around our School Goals (Respect for Self, Others and Environment) and according to locations, activities and movement in the school.

The matrix enables teachers and students to build a positive culture around the expected behaviours at SOTS in specific areas including:

  • Learning Space
  • Online Space​
  • Play Space
  • Transitions
  • Eating and Self-Care
  • Before and After School
  • Gathering Times

The introduction of the matrix enables positive feedback to students often, and endeavours to teach students not only how to behave appropriately, but to have a sense of belonging to a community through valuing positive actions and interactions.

The matrix is di​splayed as a poster in learning areas, in key areas around the school and will be discussed regularly with the children as part of routines. This matrix replaces the previous 3 lists of School Goals.

Click here to download a copy of the matrix.  It can also be accessed on the Parent Portal. ​

Behaviour MatrixSmall.jpg