Celebrating Wellbeing at Star of the Sea

This week, we celebrate Well-Being Week at Star of the Sea. At our assembly on Monday morning, our Year 1 students led our school community in a beautiful prayer that focused our minds and hearts on the importance of well-being. It was wonderful to see our younger students confidently sharing the importance of ‘respecting self’ by thinking about their uniqueness, and the uniqueness of others.

As adults, we know that our bodies and minds are connected, and that simple activities to improve our physical well-being can help our mental well-being as well. At SOTS, we have a whole school approach to well-being, with week 7 each term prioritised for this purpose. This is one opportunity to teach our students the importance of ‘respect for self’ as they are guided through ways to ‘take time to reflect and replenish.’

We believe that a well-being focus is one way to highlight to our students the value that we place on each of them taking time out to recognise their unique qualities and strengths, both in themselves and in others. Thinking positively about self, encourages students to have a positive outlook, to develop resilience and a healthy self-esteem, to approach challenges with confidence and to make positive connections and friendships with others. Additionally, a whole school approach to well-being week activities promotes positive values and connectedness within the school community,

During this Well-Being Week, I invite all families to consider some ways of taking time out and connecting with self, so that you can connect with those who you value and treasure the most; our family and friends. It could be as simple as going for a walk together as a family, reading together or leaving all electronic devices in the drawer for the evening! There are many, many simple ways to stop, take time and to be present to those around you.

Thank you to our staff who are a part of this term’s Well-Being Week Team for the great activities that you have prepared for our staff and students; and to our Year 1 Teaching Team, Zoe and Kate, for leading our Year 1 students in such a meaningful prayer experience for our community.