Colour Fun Run Success


Star of the Sea exploded in colour this afternoon for our first ever Colour Run! The teachers had a blast spraying the students with fluorescent coloured powder as they ran around an obstacle course.

“I am just so happy!”
One of our Prep students summed up the Colour Run perfectly as she shouted this out along the course earlier in the week. It was wonderful to be a part of the excitement of the event with our students making their way through a course full of fun, colour and music. Although the Colour Run happened a little differently to what was planned earlier in the year, it was fantastic to see our children having the opportunity to participate in such a fantastic event. Our staff did a great job of ensuring that there was plenty of colour on the course, and the students enjoyed the opportunity to get covered in coloured powder. Mrs Gibbs has done a great job of capturing the fun of the afternoon and you can see the photos on our School’s Facebook page.

Thanks to Sylvia for coordinating this event on behalf of the PCG for our SOTS community. Thank you also to our families for your efforts with fundraising. Further information on how to finalise fundraising and order prizes has been shared via email. We look forward to the PCG sharing the fundraising total with our community in the days ahead.