Congratulations to our Graduating Students

Over the past week, our Year 6 students have been involved in and lead with pride a Graduation Liturgy with family, staff from Star of the Sea and Fr Ashley; a Final Assembly with our Star of the Sea School Community; and finally this Friday, 4th December, our End of Year Mass with family, friends and members of the Parish and School Community.

These ceremonies marked the end of one stage of their educational journey and the beginning of another. They marked a time of growth and change, excitement and expectation, memory and reflection. We gather to remember and to give thanks for all that has taken place in their time here at Star of the Sea School. Our Year 6 graduating students have been fine examples of leaders in our school.

Thank you to Louise and  Nicole for preparing and organising the students to lead these ceremonies in such a respectful and reverent matter. Thank you also to staff, family members and friends for coming together to celebrate a wonderful milestone for our Year 6 students.