EcoWarrior's End of Year Report

This was Star of the Sea’s first year of EcoWarriors and we had over 30 children interested in supporting our projects. From something very small, an idea of developed from a BTN episode in Mrs Hardy’s class came the motivation one student, Zara P to make a small difference. From the commencement of a WOW lunchbox program in 2020 we saw the desire of many students to make a change within our school community.

We offered the opportunity for students, from years 4 and 5, to gather once per week to plan, organise and collaborate about environmental issues that concerned them. The EcoWarrior’s mission fits within our school matrix of respect for the Environment.

Next year we are excited to be offering the program to the current year 3 allowing years 4, 5, and 6 to join the crew in 2022. Being a part of Ecowarriors gives students the opportunity to discuss important issues, plan and organise key events, build teamwork skills, enhance communication skills, and develop leadership skills and provides opportunities to use their report writing skills and public speaking ability.

Personally, I am very proud of every student involved in EcoWarriors. They have given up many lunch/play times to achieve their aims and have shown considerable dedication to what they believe in. Congratulations for all your efforts and commitment to improving the health of the environment and educating your peers on the importance of being Stewards of Creation.

These are some of the events the Crew has achieved over 2021.
  • Wear Green for World Earth Day and each classroom turned off their lights for an hour. We had a Crew of presenters that spoke to each class about looking after our environment and why turning lights off helps our planet.
  • We extended our WOW lunchboxes to every Monday and the first week of term.
  • We gave out lots of prizes and had an end of year ice-creams competition that was sponsored by the PCG.
  • We took Four Ambassadors to EcoMarine Tangalooma Training day. They received training to be Eco Warriors and learnt about saving our environment. They learnt about recycling and saw the harmful effects of plastic on Marine Life.
  • We set up a Containers for Change code for our families to support recycling and give the school funds to do more things in our school environment. Please don’t forget to keep this up over the holidays. Our code is: C10431483
  • We started recycling Pizza Boxes from Friday’s tuckshop!
  • On National Tree planting day each home group planted one tree in our bush land just down from the adventure playground and we welcomed a koala back to the area later in the year!
  • A small group of EcoWarriors went on an excursion to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and learnt more about endangered animals and how important all animals are to an ecosystem. Their particular interest in Tasmanian Devils and Black Cockatoo; both beautiful Australian animals that are endangered.
  • We also hosted a Recycled Art Competition to highlight the importance of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.
We look forward to welcoming our current Year 3s in joining EcoWarriors next year. We have lots of exciting plans ahead.