Grandparent's Day

This Friday morning, we will warmly welcome the grandparents and other special people to our SOTS community as we gather to celebrate Grandparents’ Day. This is a very special occasion on our school calendar. It gives us an opportunity to showcase to you the school that we are so proud of and also for our students to share all the great learning that they do each day, with the special people in their lives.

There is so much that we learn from Grandparents that make them treasured for the very special people that they are in the lives of our students.

We look forward to sharing in our Grandparents’ Day activities as outlined in our latest newsletter.  
Our theme for our Grandparents Day is focused on quilts. Quilts can be works of art and in many cultures are used to tell stories through picture. They start as simple threads that are sewn together to build individual pieces that eventually, after much time, care and effort, make a final, beautiful quilt. Each quilt is unique, and shares a story through picture.

This theme reminds us to be thankful for the blessing of grandparents as we weave together our quilt, that tells the story of how special our grandparents are in our lives. Through their love and support, wisdom and guidance, we come to know their love for us. Below is a reflection that we will share on Grandparents Day:

There are many individual pieces that make up a quilt.
Each piece is needed to shape the quilt.
Each piece is just a little part that is very important to the finished design.
Each piece is sewn together so carefully with love, gentleness and care to make the pattern just what it is meant to be.

There are many little pieces that we gather from our grandparents that help to make us the people who we are, and just like a quilt, they are nurtured with love, care and kindness.  We gather some of these pieces from our Grandparents when you least expect it..some of them when you think that we aren’t evening looking.

Looking forward to sharing in this very special celebration with you.