Happy Easter

The end of our first school term for 2021 has looked a little different then we had all expected. Over the past months of the COVID health situation in our communities, we have all become very aware that much can change in a very short period of time.

The events of the past few days are reflective of this, as we have needed to respond in a way that supports the health and safety of all in our communities. I am deeply grateful for the support that is received from our community, and your willingness to work together in response to the fluidity of the COVID situation is appreciated.

I was asked recently what made our school different from other schools. I was quick to respond with ‘our fantastic community spirit, our beautiful children and families, our amazing staff who work relentlessly to provide quality learning and teaching for every child in their care, and the way that we bring our faith to life’.

It is times like the events of the past few days that I am reminded of the great strength of spirit in our Star of the Sea School community. It shines through in our ability to meet each challenge with resilience, and a genuine care and thoughtfulness for each other.

Over the past several days of the lockdown period, our staff have continued to engage in a professional capacity. They have a commitment and professionalism towards their work that places the students in their care at the heart of all that they do.

I am mindful that our Easter celebrations and activities have not happened as planned in our school this year, but the sharing of the Easter Story in our families and friends in the days ahead continues. The Easter Story enables us to follow the last days of Jesus’ life before his resurrection. It is an important time in the Christian calendar and reminds us of the sacrifice Jesus made.

During Holy Week, our focus is on God’s love for all and what it means to be people who are full of hope. This same message, being ‘people of hope’, has been shared by Pope Francis to us over the past Lenten Season, and is one that continues to inspire us.

We are reminded that symbols of Easter common in our wider community, the chocolate eggs and rabbits, are signs of new life and connect us to the underlying meaning of Easter, in the rising of Jesus to new life.

I wish you all a very happy and holy Easter Season, and an enjoyable vacation period.

I will communicate the arrangements for our school in response to COVID guidelines closer to the commencement of Term 2. This will ensure alignment to most up to date information from governing authorities and Brisbane Catholic Education.