Let's Wipe Out Waste

Each year, families of primary school aged children in the state spend more than $3.5 million on individually packaged items, collectively throwing away over 1.5 million yogurt suckers, 3 million small tubs and 11 million ziplock bags - that’s enough ziplock bags laid flat to reach from Brisbane to Townsville!

At Star of the Sea we want to cut down on the waste!

  • Low waste foods are often healthier!
  • Low waste lunches are often cheaper!
  • Low waste lunches are better for the environment!
  • Every MONDAY we would like to encourage a WOW Lunchbox! A lunch box with no waste!​

Try to pack: A Waste-Free Lunchbox

  • Snacks & drinks in reusable containers. This includes zip lock bags which can be washed and reused many times
  • Reusable utensils when needed
  • ​A reusable lunchbox or backpack

Avoid: A Disposable Lunchbox

  • Lunches packed in plastic bags or cling wrap, foil or wax paper that cannot be reused
  • Disposable forks and spoons
  • Pre-packaged single-serve snack items


Art Competition

We are also having a competition! Your submission could be anything like a media project, drawing, sculpture or any creative! Something that encourages a WOW lunchbox and care for our environment. Due Week 10 with lots of prizes! Simply create an Artwork that is all about caring for the environment (or having a WOW lunchbox) and hand to your class teacher or the office in Week 10.