White Balloon Day

On Friday (10th September) our school recognised White Balloon Day.  White Balloon Day is about helping kids to keep safe!

White Balloon Day is a day to have fun with friends and talk about how important kids are and what we can all do to help keep them safe. It’s important that all kids know that their body belongs to them and if they ever feel unsafe or unsure, about anything, they should always tell an adult that they trust.

Bravehearts recognise 3 rules for kids to remember:
  1. We ALL have the right to feel safe with people!
  2. It’s OK to say “NO” if you feel unsafe or unsure.
  3. “Nothing is so yucky that you can’t tell someone about it.”

White Balloon Day is a day that helps us all to remember how important you all are and how we all need to work together to keep students safe!

Students in Prep to Year 3 watched and participated in the educational child safety performance ‘Ditto’ in the O’Dea Centre this morning. This reinforced the key concepts of keeping children safe.

Should you have any queries or concerns, the Star of the Sea Student Protection Contact Officers are noted below and can be contacted via the school office :

  • Mrs Veronica Tomerini-Smith. (Principal) 
  • Mr Nicholas Cotter (APRE) 
  • Mrs Rachael Bryde (Guidance Counsellor)