New Classroom Technology

​Star of the Sea is continuously striving to improve all areas of operation and service. To ensure students are provided with an environment that will help them perform and achieve outstanding results in their education, we have produced a Master Plan to continuously update the latest technology used by our teachers and students in each learning space.

When the school was first built, each learning area had a projector and interactive starboard installed (this was the latest technology at the time). However, the projectors have started failing and the interactive element of the starboards can be sporadic and ‘clunky’. Since the beginning of last year, we have been working with our IT specialist, Network First and ASV to look at the best options to support the learning and teaching in our classrooms.

Last week, our Year 1 and 2 Learning Areas were upgraded with the new Epso n Ultra Short Throw Projector and Grey Board bundles. These projectors produce sharper clarity in projected images and have no shadow distortion. The grey board acts as a large whiteboard that teachers and students can write on while projecting a particular work sample or image. Thanks to this new technology, teachers are now able to produce more creative and innovative lessons.

The Year 3 and 5/6 Learning Areas had short-throw projectors installed early last year. However, last week, their old starboards were removed and replaced with grey boards. They are really enjoying projecting text samples onto the grey boards and using white board pens to pull apart the different focus features they are currently learning about.

Our Prep and Year 4 Learning Areas had both short-throw projectors and grey boards installed at the end of last year. We now have this technology in all Learning Areas but STEM. This will be replaced early next year.

We are committed to remaining up-to-date in technology and becoming a technology leader in the future.