New Ways of Doing What We Value

Over the past weeks, I’ve been proud to share with our students the remarkable way that they have approached their Home Learning Program. Reminding them that even though they weren’t at school, their teachers were connecting with them each day and also connecting with me and sharing the wonderful work that they were doing. Our students have transitioned seamlessly back into our school routines, and this is a great credit to them, you as parents and to our staff.

Over the past months, we have spoken often about turning challenges into opportunities. When we presented our first ‘virtual’ assembly on Monday morning, I spoke to the children about how together, we have found new ways to continue to do the things that we value. Also, how important it is that we continue to ensure that all the things that we treasure at Star of the Sea remain a part of our everyday. For it is in our love of sharing in these things, that will continue to take our community from strength to strength. We can’t overlook the reality that we have also shared in some disappointments. Disappointments for the things that we could not do due to the health situation across our communities, but also the way that we have worked together to find new ways to make some of these things ‘happen’.

At Star of the Sea, we value learning; so we worked together to create a way to learn at home and to share our learning with others. We value the opportunities that we have to come together in prayer; so we created liturgies to share online. We value ‘giving’ and being a part of our Parish and wider community; so we joined in the ANZAC Day drive way celebrations, invited Father Ashley to be a part of our liturgies and cheered our Preps from the verandahs as they paraded their community helper costumes. We value the strength that comes from being together; so we worked to host our assembly via ‘TEAMS’ for our whole school. This ensured that we could give our Year 6 students an opportunity to continue to develop as leaders, showcase student learning with our ‘Stars of the Week’, celebrate birthdays and continue activities like the Premier’s Reading Challenge. To do this, our students and staff have created a way to be together at Assembly without being able to be in the same space.

Although we aren’t able to share our Assembly online with our parent community at this time, our students were very excited to join in from their learning areas. Our Assembly commenced by sharing in prayer together with a prayer assembly that was proudly created by our Preps and recorded on YouTube. Our students sang the National Anthem, students received their Stars of the Week and birthdays were celebrated. There were even some very important reminders and messages! As expected, there were a few technical issues to problem solve, but overall, it was a great success. Thanks also to our students who gave our team some feedback for us to work on before next week.

From our presentation point in the Lighthouse, we could hear our students participating in song and prayer. It was a very proud moment to hear our students singing the school song as it echoed from Learning Areas into the Spine.

Thanks to staff and our Year 6 Leaders for their expertise and creativity to bring our TEAMS assembly to ‘life’ for our community.