Report Card Access

All student report cards are now available online. You will need to log on to the parent portal to access these. If you are having trouble accessing the reports, please see the email which was sent out with instructions on how to log on to the parent portal. These instructions are also included at the end of the last newsletter for the year.

It is also a great idea to download your child’s report onto your computer and print a couple of copies. When going to high school interviews, you will need to take a copy of your child’s report with you to give them.

If your child is in Year 6, you will not be able to access the Star of the Sea parent portal after 1 January 2020 when we roll into the new year. Therefore, it is important you have downloaded anything you need from this site prior to this day (eg: reports, Naplan). The office is unable to print these documents.

Student Assessment Folios

Your child’s assessment folio was sent home during the final week of term. This is yours to keep. They do not need to be returned to school. These folios are a great keepsake to remind you of what your child was able to do during a particular year at school.

A Student Assessment Folio is a summary of evidence that has been collected by your child’s teacher over the year. These pieces of work may or may not have ‘criteria sheets’ attached to them and it is important that you know ‘criteria’ is one part of the marking process. Teachers, mark against the criteria but then they also moderate across the year levels and vertically up and down to ensure the most up-to-date judgement can be made.