STEM Update

We have so many exciting new learning opportunities planned for our students this term, as well as some new toys to play with. After winning $500 dollars early this year with the Freedom Property competition, I was able to purchase 5 Mini Spheros for the students to use in class. The students in Year 1 to Year 6 are so excited to use these this term (some classes will use during the first half of this term, while others will use them during the last half of this term).

Thank you again to everyone who voted for our school. Hopefully they have another competition again soon and we will be able to get some more. For the Prep students, the school purchased 6 Go Mouse Robots. They are simple and easy for the Prep students to use to learn the basics of coding.

In Prep, the students are learning how to code and make algorithms to use on the BeeBots and Go Mouse robots. The students will be using directional language to explain their algorithms which they will test out on the robots. They will also be exploring some coding apps on the iPads to reinforce these skills.

In Year 1 and Year 2, the students are learning to drive and code the Mini Spheros (robots) to follow simple directions. They had a wonderful time last week exploring how to make them move, as well as change colour. The students are also going to make masks for the spheros to wear, so that they can easily identify their robot when moving around on the floor with other robots.

In Year 3, the students are going to learn how to make a video using the Green Screen App ‘DoInk’. They will make a recording of their animal report, add it to the app and then find images to go behind their video so that it is like a news report. We are looking forward to sharing these with you when they are finished!

​In Year 4, the students are learning to code the Mini Spheros and Ollies (robots) to move around different shapes on the floor. They will need to experiment with the speed, timing and direction degree in order for the robot to stay on the outline of the shape. This is a great unit, rich in mathematical thinking!

In Year 5/6, the students will also be learning how to make a video using the Green Screen App ‘DoInk’. However, they will focus on making a news report about a country. The background of their video must include a mix of still images and videos. They will also be learning how to use ‘Keynote’ to make title pages and headings for different parts of their video. Once finished, we will share this with our school community.