Each year level has had a very busy start to our first STEM major project. We have started researching our topics, looking at suitable materials to use and started creating and designing parts of our project. The students are very enthusiastic, and we can’t wait to share our end product with you in Week 10 at our Celebration of Learning Open morning on Wednesday the 3rd of April (more information about this event will be shared closer to the date).

This is what Prep and Year 2 have been up to:

In Prep, the students received a letter from the School Fairies, asking them to build a tiny playground in the classroom for them to use at night time when they visit. So far, the Prep children have worked in teams to make a slide for the fairies. We used straws, tin foil and pipe-cleaners to make our slides. This week the fairies have asked them to work in teams again to design and create a swing.

In Year 2, the students have looked at how we can reuse water and make it clearer and/or cleaner. We were very sad to see photos of other children in third world countries drinking dirty water. So, we set ourselves a challenge to see if we could make something that cleans dirty water. First, we learnt about what grey water was, where we find it and what other people have done to help make dirty water clearer and cleaner. We looked at different types of filters and what was inside of them. Then

we made our own grey water and experimented with different materials to see if we could make the grey water clearer and free from debris. We are looking forward to experimenting further with our

filter, as we discovered that the order we placed materials in our filter, impacted the quality of the water that was released.​

Stay tuned! Next week we will show you a quick snap shot of projects from other year levels.​