Saving Lil & Archie – Cyber-Safety Performance

On Tuesday, Brainstorm Productions presented their student wellbeing program ‘Saving Lil & Archie’ to all year levels. The performance tells the story of Lil & Archie, who set off on an epic intergalactic journey, discovering how to stay cyber safe, the importance of limiting their screen time and developing healthy lifestyle habits. Not your ordinary learning experience, Saving Lil & Archie is a wondrous live theatre adventure filled with magic, music and fun!

Saving Lil & Archie is part of our student wellbeing curriculum and the program has been developed in consultation with teachers, psychologists, as well as real-life student experiences. The methodology of the program is safe, supportive and nonjudgmental and designed to provide students with positive and useful tools that they can use in their everyday lives.

The performance covered 3 main areas and offered great conversation starters for teachers to talk to their class about and for you to discuss with your child:

1. Safety - how to keep yourself safe online?

a. Don’t share your personal information online
b. Tell an adult (parent/teacher) if you see anything inappropriate online

2. Cyber-bullying - What is cyber bullying?

​a. Tell an adult (parent/teacher) if you are being bullied online

3. Moderation – Why is it important to limit screen time?

a. Children need to limit screen time because just like to​o much chocolate, it can have a negative impact on your health and your behaviour towards others.