School Improvement Review - 2nd to 4th August

In the coming weeks, we will have the opportunity to welcome an expert panel to our school to facilitate our School Improvement Review. This review is part of our BCE system priorities and is guided by the National School Improvement Tool (NSIT). This tool enables reflection and review on our efforts to continuously improve learning, teaching and wellbeing in our school. During this review process, we will be able to reflect on our School’s achievements and successes. Additionally, we will be able to consider the areas that we want to build on and those that we are still working towards and identify some considerations for future planning.

There are so many aspects that make our school great and we see them happening in our classrooms each day; in the commitment that our staff have to our students, in the effort that our students put into their learning, in the care shown by staff, parents and students towards one another, during participation at masses and liturgies, prayer assemblies and other school events, at sporting activities, lunch time activities like our mindful movement and so much more.

Engaging in the School Improvement Process, supports our continued efforts to build our young people into strong, confident learners who want to make a difference and who believe that great things are possible for them. In addition, it is through these activities that we witness our Gospel value of respect that is at the heart of our school and is what we are all about.

As we commence another busy term, thank you to our families for the many ways that you support our school with expectations that guide your children to develop strategies that support positive behaviour, learning engagement and wellbeing.