Sharing in our Lenten Journey

T​his week, we commenced the season of Lent with Father Ashley leading our school and parish community in an Ash Wednesday Mass and Liturgy. Over the next six weeks of the Lenten Season, we are challenged to commit to an inner journey as we find time for reflection, prayer and almsgiving; individually, with our families, with our school and parish communities.

Lent reminds us that focusing on the things that Jesus did can be challenging. While we seek to recognise His presence in others, it can be difficult to meet their needs fully.

During this Lenten Season, we are provided with an opportunity to consider the simplicity of loving God and loving our neighbour as we bear witness to our faith in all that we say and do. It is wonderful to see this in the everyday acts at our school, from the kind words, prayers, helping hands or simply a listening ear offered to those in our school community that we know need it, and in our support of Project Compassion that helps those in need outside of our school. Together, we can be guided by the Spirit to achieve what God has planned for us in support of others, regardless of the simplicity or difficulty of the task (Source: Into the Desert, Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn, 2015).