Stewardship in Action

On the weekend a group of students represented Star of the Sea for Sports Aerobics. After the event, an excellent act of stewardship occurred. As Christians, we believe that God gave human beings a special responsibility within creation to cultivate it, protect it and use it wisely.

There were comments made after the Sports Aerobic Event on how much rubbish had been left behind by groups using the areas for eating. One of our Year 6 students was so upset by the amount of rubbish left behind that she went home and sent an email to the school principal expressing her concern, outlining the negative effects of rubbish in their school environment and suggested an action plan for helping with the rubbish problem.

Her plan included information about our EcoWarriors’ program and suggestions for starting such a group at their school. Her Stewardship in Action did not stop there. She created and sent to the principal posters about rubbish and the importance of picking it up to display in and around their school. She then went back to the school an hour later with gloves and picked all of the rubbish that was left behind.

We think this student is amazing! Her respect for the environment, not only for our school but of other schools is inspirational as is her dedication to ensuring that our planet is being looked after. One small act (no matter how small or big) has the power to change the world.

What a great act of Stewardship in Action in our community.