Taiko Japanese Performance

On Monday, we received a visit from the Taiko Japanese Team. Our students (Prep – Year 6) thoroughly enjoyed learning about traditional Japanese drumming. The energy and passion the artists showed throughout the performance was truly wonderful and it allowed the students to learn more about Japanese culture and tradition.

Toko-ton taiko seeks to entertain and inspire audiences with a combination of movement, rhythm and the sensitivity delivered through the traditional Japanese energetic art form called 'Wadaiko' (Wa = Japanese / daiko = Drum). The name Toko-Ton in the Japanese language means putting in 100% and that is the group's motto, to put in all the effort and energy they have while sharing their love and commitment to promoting cultural harmony, awareness and enjoyment through taiko.

After spending several years training and performing in other taiko groups, Toko-ton was formed in 2012. Since then, the group has strived to offer something different; playing a unique style of taiko that is not often seen outside of Japan. Toko-ton returns to Japan each year to build on their knowledge and experience while connecting to the origins of taiko.