Day 1 Take 2!

What an exciting start to the week we had as we welcomed our Year 2 – 6 students back to face to face learning at Star of the Sea.

The engagement of our students in our Home Learning Program (HLP) has highlighted their creativity, adaptability and resilience as learners. For our students, being supported by you, as parents, combined with th​e positive way that you have worked in partnership with our staff during their Home Learning Programs, has enabled them to take on new learnings with confidence. This was fundamental in connecting each child to their learning program and their teacher during the HLP, but also supported a seamless transition back to their classroom learning environment.

Being ‘back together’ on our school site does bring with it a return to normal routines, but it also brings with it the knowledge of what is now the ‘new normal’ for our school community.

This includes:

  • Restricting access to the school site to students, staff and essential contractors/personnel only.
    • This reduces risk of transmission and is a current BCE directive. I thank you for your support of this, particularly during drop off and pick up routines.
    • Drop off and pick up routines: Your cooperation has enabled us to make these transitions as seamless and as safe as possible. Current arrangements will remain in place until at least the end of term. Thank you for your continued patience, particularly as our youngest students navigate their way independently to and from their vehicles, and their classrooms.
  • Maintaining strict routines around handwashing and general hygiene for students and staff.
  • Students use of personal water bottles (no drinking from bubblers).
  • Keeping your child home if they are unwell.
    • Please ensure that you keep your child at home if they are unwell. Children, at school, who are unwell and/or are displaying flu like systems will be sent home immediately to maintain the safety of all students and adults at school.
  • Maintaining social and physical distancing
    • For example: avoid gathering at school entry/exit points, no school events/gatherings including assemblies, sporting events etc for the remainder of term.

The ability of our students, staff and parents to adapt to these new norms has been outstanding and is a credit to all in our community. You have each contributed greatly to keeping our community safe as you have supported these norms. I thank you for maintaining this vigilance and for your continued support in the weeks ahead.

Over the past months, we can be proud of all that has been achieved. So much of what we have achieved, and what we will continue to achieve, has been done by working together.

Working in partnership has meant that we have taken on board many new learnings that have challenged our knowledge, our resilience and our creativity.

Together we have faced the c​hallenges with hope, resilience and faith.

Together we have experienced the very best of collaboration and commitment by all in our Star of the Sea community.

Together, we will continue to turn challenges into opportunities.

We are blessed to have such a committed, talented and professional group of teachers and school officers at Star of the Sea. They have worked tirelessly to ensure that every child has had the best possible opportunity to continue their learning.

It is endearing to witness the cooperation and commitment of all in our community.

Thank you for your support.