Welcome Back for Term 4

Welcome back for the final school term of 2021. As we worked to finalise the Term 4 calendar over the break, we recognised that it is shaping up to be a very busy term. Certainly, we’ve had a flying start to the first week, with our students settling quickly back into routines and engaging enthusiastically with their learning activities. Our Book Week activities, from the Book Fair to the Parade, and the Bayside Catholic School’s Swimming Carnival, which is happening today, have also been highlights of the first week. With the current COVID health situation impacting on our communities, I know that you would also share in our thankfulness that these much loved calendar events are able to occur.

Over the past months, we have all become quite accustomed to maintaining COVID routines, and the flexibility that has become a part of responding to changing circumstances, to support the health of our communities. Regardless of the format that future events may take, we look forward to a term that enables opportunities for us to celebrate and enjoy the presence of all in our school community.

As I’ve been out and about at school this week, it has been wonderful to greet our students and their families as they returned to school and shared stories from their holidays. It is always lovely to see the smiling faces filled with genuine excitement at seeing teachers and friends. This same feeling was apparent when I visited learning areas and saw students who were happy and were working together with peers and staff in a spirit of care and respect. This is supported by the commitment of our staff towards learning and teaching that inspires our students to have a go and to never give up, as they strive for success in all that they do.

I know that at the end of this first week of term, our students can return home intensely proud of the community that they’re a part of; knowing that they are in a school where they are appreciated and respected for their uniqueness.