World Earth Day

We are concerned about the harmful effects of rubbish in our environment. This year we are joining millions of people around the whole to help increase awareness of rubbish and protecting our environment.

National Earth Day it is coming up very soon on Thursday April 22nd.

We want to raise awareness of the harmful effects of rubbish and the need to protect our world by having a whole week of WOW lunchboxes. We will be giving raffle tickets for prizes every day of the week for WEEK ONE! That is every day of Week One! Bring a WOW lunchbox and go into the draw to win some great prizes and help make a difference to our environment.

On Thursday 22nd April we want the kids to wear a green shirt (sun safe) with normal shorts and joggers. Green representing the Earth! Please bring a gold coin to help support further sustainability campaigns for the school community.

Also, on Thursday we will also be turning off classroom lights for an hour to help reduce carbon dioxide going into our Earth’s atmosphere.

You can do this at home too - It is a really a great idea to turn off the electricity for an hour because it stops carbon dioxide entering our environment for one hour. It would also save a lot of money from your bills even if it would just be for one hour.

To celebrate World Earth Day:

  • WEEK ONE - pack a WOW (Wipe Out Waste) lunchbox everyday!
  • Thursday 22nd April – Wear a green t-shirt (with your normal shorts and joggers)
  • Bring a gold coin to help future sustainability campaigns for the school.

Together we can make a difference!