Mandatory Reports

​​To access the current school ann​ual report, please visit the Brisbane Catholic Education school annual reports page.

Please find all​​ other reports bel​ow:

Star of the Sea 2014 An​nual School Report

2014.pdf​​Annual School Report 2014

Star of the Sea Str​ateg​ic Achievements 2014

Achievements 2014.pdfAchievement​​s 2014

Strategic Renewa​l 2​​016 Plan

Strategic Renewal 2016 Plan.pdfStrateg​ic Renewal 2016 Plan

Star of the Sea 2015 Annual ​School Report

​​​Star of the Sea School_2015_Annual_Report.pdfStar of the Sea S​​chool 2015 Annual Report

Strategic Renew​​al Achievements 2015

Strategic Renewal 2015 Achievements.pdfStrategic Renewal ​​2015 Achievements

Strategic Renewal ​​​​Achievements 2016

Strategic Renewal 2016 Achievements.pdfStrategic Renewal 20​​16 Achievements