National Tree Planting Day

Did you know the bush area next to our Adventure Playground is part of a koala corridor?     

  • A koala corridor is a place filled with plants and wildlife that supports the growth of native gum trees that Koalas love to eat!

  • That the population of koala has been decreasing and so it is up to us to help protect these bush areas for koalas to live!

  • Lots of animals and plants live in this area and they are all important in the ecosystem.

  • That without the native grasses, butterflies, birds and lizards we would not be able to grow gumtrees for the koalas to live in or eat.

  • We are organising a special day for each homegroup to visit the bush area. National Tree Planting Day is Thursday 25th August (Week 7 TBC).

  • We are also going to investigate the bank area and see what animals and plants live there and how they survive there.

  • Together we are going to help our koalas by planting more plants in our bank area. We are on mission to help our environment, protect our bay areas and save animals.

  • In class we are going to read some Aboriginal Dream Time Stories and learn about our natural environment through the perspective of our indigenous Custodians.