Opening School Mass

Last Friday, ​we gathered together as a school community in the Star of the Sea Church with students from Prep to Year 6 for our Opening School Mass and Commissioning of our Year 6 Senior Leaders for 2023 at Star of the Sea School.

We prayed as a school community for our Year 6 leaders to be inspired by the knowledge of the Lord’s presence, and that they have the courage​ to reach out and support one another, to stand firm in what is true, to offer help and guidance, and to lead with Love, Service and Compassion here at Star of the Sea School. 

Our Year 6 Student Leaders should be commended for leading the Liturgy so well, displaying respect and reverence throughout the mass. Our Senior Leaders lead the opening procession holding lanterns symbolising Christ lighting their way for the year ahead. They were also presented with their leadership badges to our student community.