Talking to your child about their Learning

The following questions are asked of your child when we are speaking to them about their learning.  You too, can ask your children the same questions when they return home from school. These are the questions we ask students when the Leadership Team do their Learning Walks and Talks. This is a simple way to engage in your children’s learning journey. 

  • What are you learning? 

  • How are you going with your learning? 

  • How do you know? 

  • How can you improve? ​

  • What do you do when you get stuck? 

James Nottingham is a world renowned speaker and author on learning and teaching.  He has visited Redland schools to speak with educators about The Learning Pit.  A process described to help students understand that learning can be hard, and with some strategies we can work our way through it to reach a 'Eureka' moment or an 'Aha!' moment. 

This term's Parent Engagement has been rebooked for Tuesday 16 August. The session will focus on our Be You action plan and the different aspects of the how the initiative is organised at Star of the Sea.  Our aim is develop a positive, inclusive and resilient learning community.  Come along to the session so we can share some ideas about how we help your children with their learning at school and at home.