Daily Routine

​​Morni​​ng Drop-Off

Formal supervision begins at 8:20am. If you arrive before this time and can’t stay with your child until 8:20am then you need to take them to Before School Care.

School commences at 8:45am. The first bell rings at this time. This is the signal for the students to stop playing and to line up in their allocated areas. Teachers collect them from these areas and then move into class. If parents are waiting with their children before this time please stay around the front oval area as well.

Aftern​​oon Pick-up​

We have two options in the afternoon;

  • Children being collected by Parents on foot are to be collected from the area between Year Two and The Lighthouse at 3:00pm. Parents and carers, please meet us there and not outside classrooms.
  • Children being collected by Parents in the drive through will be brought to the area outside the office at 3:00pm when the bell rings. Parents and carers, are to enter the carpark via Longland Street, drive to the designated area - do not get out of your car - your child will be assisted to your car and you then exit the carpark via Longland Street. Student supervision continues until 3:20pm. If you feel you are unable to collect your child prior to 3:20​pm, please ensure you register your child with After-School Care.

Before and Aft​er School Care

​Before and After School Care is run by the Centacare Child Care Centre on the school site.

For all enquiries for Before and After School Care please call 1300 236 822