Principles of Learning and Teaching

​​Based on our​​ values and beliefs about how children learn to be successful

  1. A focus on the whole person whose individuality is respected, affirmed and valued.

  2. Innovative pedagogical practices based on current research in which Information and Communication Technologies are embedded.

  3. An active, inquiry approach to learning which fosters enjoyment, engagement and responsibility, as students develop the skills of independent, creative, critical and self-reflective life-long learners.

  4. Learning environments which are challenging, supportive, hope-filled and flexible, which engage students in purposeful learning.

  5. Curriculum will be implemented based on the Australian Curriculum, Queensland Studies Authority syllabus documents and best practice with a futures perspective.

  6. A collaborative approach to learning grounded in quality relationships amongst all members of the school, parish and wider community. 

  7. Staff professionalism modelled on Jesus, the teacher, and characterised by continuous collaborative learning and self-reflection.

Learning at Star of the Se​​a Primary School

At Star of the Sea Primary School, the students are offered personalised learning, while accessing the Australian Curriculum. The students are encouraged to be active drivers of their own learning, and are given the tools and strategies to be successful drivers.

Throughout the week, our students are involved in Discovery Learning: student driven inquiry learning. Students follow the process of Design Thinking, giving them the skills to be creative problem solvers. Students participate in project based learning, with all learning activities being student-centred and focused on peer collaboration.