soslogo.pngThe concept ​of the school logo came from an Aboriginal design plate made by Kathy Jauncey. This is the story behind our logo:

“The design is based on both my Catholic upbringing and being an i​ndigenous woman. I believe everyone has a spiritual core (whether they know it or not) and this is represented by the spiritual figure in the middle of the design.

The three circles (yellow dot surrounded by the white ones) represent the Trinity (Catholic) but also sea, earth and air (Indigenous). The wavy lines between the four symbols represent the interconnectedness of things both spiritual and environmental, with the waviness adding the emphasis of the importance of water to our Straddie culture. The dotted line across the design delineates the land from the air. The spiritual being is firmly 'rooted' in the land, being strengthened by it - trying to show that our connectedness to nature builds and supports our spiritual being."

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