Religious Life of the School

​​​Religious Education

In the schools and colleges of the Archdiocese of Brisbane, teaching Religious Education and teaching people to be religious through the Religious Life of the School dimension. These dimensions draw upon the Catholic Christian tradition in ways that are mindful of local contexts and the ecumenical and multi-faith realities of contemporary culture.

At Star of the Sea Primary School, we have a documented religious education program designed in accordance with the Religious Education Curriculum P-12 including planning, teaching, assessing and reporting of Religious Education in Prep – Year 6. This program is approved through an Archdiocesan validation process. Regular monitoring and review of the program and its delivery is aligned with approved cyclical review processes.​

The first dimension of Religious Education is the Religious Life of the School. Students participate in a variety of focused activities, based around four main organisers:STAR240529-1248.jpg
  • Religious Identity and Culture
  • Evangelisation and Faith Formation
  • Prayer and Worship
  • Social Action and Justice

These assist students to put into everyday action the topics they learn about in the classroom.​

The following are practical links to the Religious Life of the School:

Class Masses

Students in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to attend one Parish Mass per term, held on Fridays at 9:15 am in the church. We extend a warm invitation to parents and families to join us for these enriching gatherings. During these Masses, students take on active roles, leading the parish with daily readings and prayers of the faithful. This engagement not only fosters a deeper understanding of the liturgy but also nurtures a sense of responsibility and leadership among our students. Moreover, regular participation in Parish Masses provides students with invaluable opportunities to forge positive relationships and connections with the wider community, strengthening the bonds between our school, parish, and families.

Class Liturgies

Students in Prep to Year 2 eagerly anticipate hosting a classroom liturgy each term, where they warmly welcome parents and families to join in these meaningful gatherings. Led by the students themselves, these liturgies feature heartfelt songs, engaging readings, and sincere prayers of the faithful. Through active participation in these liturgical experiences, our youngest learners not only deepen their understanding of faith but also develop important skills in leadership and public speaking. Additionally, these liturgies serve as valuable opportunities for students to connect with their families and the wider community, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within our school and parish family.

Fr Rony Class Visits

At our school, every class extends a warm invitation to Fr. Rony to join them in exploring a pertinent aspect of the Religious Education Curriculum or the Liturgical Calendar at least once per term. During these sessions, students are encouraged to actively participate by asking questions and establishing connections with our esteemed Parish Priest. Fr. Rony's presence enriches our learning environment, offering valuable insights and strengthening the bond between our school and the broader parish community.

Lighthouse Keeper’s Projects

All fundraising and service initiatives fall within the scope of our 'Lighthouse Keeper's Projects'. Each class coordinates at least one Act of Service or fundraising endeavour annually, striving to align it with the Religion Curriculum whenever feasible. Examples of Lighthouse Keeper's Projects encompass a diverse range of endeavours, including participating in St. Vincent de Paul’s Winter and Christmas Appeals, knitting scarves for the homeless, supporting Caritas Australia’s Project Compassion, visiting Aged Care facilities, participating in Clean Up Australia Day, and more.


At Star of the Sea, the practice of Christian Meditation is woven into the fabric of our daily routine, ensuring that each class engages in contemplative exercises tailored to their age and developmental stage. Guided by the principle of approximately one minute of meditation for each year of age, students gradually build their meditation endurance, with six-year-olds working up to six minutes of quiet reflection. Throughout the year, students explore a diverse array of meditative practices, including mindfulness colouring, breathing exercises, mantra meditation, navigating mindfulness labyrinths, engaging in movement meditation, contemplating the Rosary, and participating in guided meditations. Through these practices, students not only deepen their spiritual connection but also cultivate skills for emotional regulation, focus, and self-awareness, enriching their overall learning experience.

Prayer Table

At Star of the Sea, fostering a sacred space for prayer is a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. Each classroom is adorned with its own prayer space, thoughtfully designed to resonate with the liturgical season and, whenever feasible, to complement the curriculum content. For instance, during periods of study centered around Mary, symbols such as Rosary Beads, Marian books, and prayers are prominently displayed, inviting students to deepen their understanding and reverence for her role in Christian faith. Throughout the year, these prayer spaces evolve, mirroring the rhythm of the Church calendar and serving as focal points for spiritual reflection and integration of faith into daily learning.

Sacramental Program

Our school proudly supports the Parish Sacramental Program. As an integral part of this commitment, our Assistant Principal Religious Education (APRE) is a valued member of the Sacramental Team. They diligently attend all parent meetings and celebrations, ensuring seamless collaboration between the school, parish, and families in the sacramental journey of our students.

School Sponsored Weekend Parish Masses

Year levels combine to sponsor one weekend Mass each year. Students lead the Readings and Songs, Offertory Procession, Prayers of the Faithful and Thanksgiving for these Masses. We often select significant events in the Church or calendar year to base our celebrations on, such as Grandparent’s Day, Palm Sunday, Remembrance Day, etc. A cuppa is organised after the Sunday morning Mass and it's a lovely opportunity for our students, staff, parents and parishioners to get to know each other.

Staff Prayer

At Star of the Sea, every staff member takes part in preparing a prayer experience at least once per term. Our Staff Prayer sessions convene promptly at 8:20 am every Monday morning. To enrich our collective spiritual journey, staff members adorn the staffroom table with symbols that reflect the theme of the prayer, establishing a sacred space that remains intact throughout the week. This thoughtful practice fosters unity, reflection, and spiritual growth among our dedicated team.

Whole School Celebrations

Our Whole School Masses are vibrant celebrations marking key moments of the school year, including the Opening and Closing ceremonies, Ash Wednesday, and our Feast Day in August. Coordinated by the APRE, these events bring together every class, each contributing to the celebration. Our community also comes together for Holy Week, Anzac Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Remembrance Day, and Christmas, making each occasion a memorable and cherished experience.