Star of the Sea Parish

​​Our Parish Church is a vibrant and welcoming community situated in the heart of our parish precinct. As a Catholic School, we maintain a strong connection with our Parish Priest, Fr. Rony Chacko, and our dedicated parishioners. Together, we foster an environment where faith, learning, and community come together.  Parents are encouraged to contact the Parish Office.

Our Parish Priest: Fr. Rony Chacko

Fr. Rony Chacko is not just a spiritual leader; he’s a friend, mentor, and guide. His warm smile and compassionate heart make everyone feel at home. Fr. Rony actively engages with our students, celebrating Mass and leading liturgical services. His sermons inspire us to live out our faith in our daily lives.

​Fr. Rony Chacko serves as a spiritual leader, mentor, and guide. His welcoming demeanour and compassionate nature create a sense of belonging. Fr. Rony connects with students through the celebration of Mass and leading liturgical services. His sermons encourage the community to incorporate faith into daily life.

Opportunities for Students and Community

Our students benefit from a rich spiritual life within the Church. They attend Mass regularly, participate in liturgical events, and learn about the sacraments. Beyond the classroom, they engage in service projects, community outreach, and social justice initiatives. Our Parish Church provides a nurturing space for them to grow spiritually and personally.

As a Catholic community, we come together to celebrate feast days, organise retreats, and support one another. Our Church isn’t just a building; it’s a place where friendships are forged, prayers are shared, and lives are transformed.

Join us at Our Parish Church, where faith and fellowship thrive!